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A Little About SnacKit

Your Stafff has Better Things to Do

SnacKit is the Pioneer of kitted donor refreshments  with a history that began in 1997.  It was through the operational observation of blood center inefficiencies in areas of purchasing, storage, inventory, expiration dates, safety and ease of distribution that prompted the genesis of SnacKit.

SnacKit is a great service, with delicious snack choices, 

that will satisfy your donors and empower your organization!

Today SnacKit is serving the most progressive Blood Donor Centers with an easy way to provide snacks to their HEROES, the donors.  Pre-kitted donor refreshments are prepared to your specific needs and shipped on pallets right to your warehouse, ready to use.  Simply pick up a few SnacKit Refreshment Stations, carry them to your canteen area or onto your mobile units, and you're ready to serve your donors a variety of delicious name-brand snacks that they will appreciate.  It's that simple! SnacKit focuses solely on helping blood centers cut cost, reduce waste, increase warehouse efficiencies, be in compliance with FDA handling and distribution requirements so that you can focus on your valued donors more effectively.  SnacKit is a service that keeps your organizations efforts and energies where they belong – your donors and your community hospital constituents

Over 10 million blood donors have received 

their snack via this simple yet powerful method of pre-kitted snacks.

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